Was geschah in Fantasic Four (vol.1) 410-414?

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    • Was geschah in Fantasic Four (vol.1) 410-414?

      Die Taschenbücher von Condor wurden ja bekanntlich mit der FF #395 eingestellt, Panini brachte ab FF #415 und leitete direkt in die vol.2 über.
      Im Comicforum habe ich Zusammenfassungen von den Heften 396-409 gefunden (comicforum.de/showthread.php?t=57045&highlight=fantastic)

      Hat irgendjemand von den US-Lesern die noch fehlenden Hefte #410-414;und kann mir eine Zusammenfassung zukommen lassen? Wäre echt nett.

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    • Kain schrieb:

      Brachte Panini nicht 415 und 416? Zumal die Serie nur 416 Ausgaben hatte. ;)

      Ich kenne die Hefte selber nicht. Aber Du kannst mal schauen was hier, hier oder hier steht (ich habe das jetzt nicht kontrolliert, aber vielleicht hilft es).

      Buttons bzw. Links um von Ausgabe zu Ausgabe zu springen gibt es jedenfalls.

      Natürlich hast du recht, es war 415 und 416. Also suche ich halt 410-414.
      Danke Dir für die Links, aber die bringen mich nicht wirklich weiter, da keine Zusammenfassungen exestieren.
    • Durch den Tag "Bouncie ist ein Langweiler" bin ich auf diesen Thread aufmerksam geworden.
      Ich kann die Tage gerne mal in meine FANTASTIC FOUR EPIC COLLECTION Vol.25 "Strange Days" nachschauen, falls die Frage noch aktuell ist..?
    • 410:

      Synopsis for "The Ties That Bind!"
      In order to ensure that Hyperstorm hasn't affected his mind in anyway, Reed has summoned his son Psi-Lord to probe his mind and the results come out clean. After the testing is over, Ben takes the moment to once more celebrate that Reed is alive and well. Johnny then pulls a prank by lighting Ben's shorts on fire. Furious, Ben tries to put out Johnny's flame with a fire extinguisher, but Reed gets in the way before things can escalate any further. When Ben and Johnny continued to chide each other, Reed reminds them how serious the threat of Hyperstorm is and that now is not the time for fooling around. Sue tries to find humor in the situation but both Namor and Franklin point out to her that Reed's captivity at the hands of Hyperstorm were traumatic. They decide to have a conversation on what they should do to deal with Reed's problems. Reed meanwhile finishes his scolding and decides to check on Scott and Kristoff. He finds them in the time/space lab where they are trying to utilize the Time-Platform to send a capsule back to Hyperstorm's era but once again something blocks their attempts. When they report that there is nothing wrong with the device, Reed's father Nathaniel pipes up explaining that Hyperstorm has a mastery of all time and is barring their attempts to return to his era. Having had enough of his fathers secrets, Reed demands that he reveals what he knows. When Nathaniel tries to explain that he is not intentionally manipulating them the two almost come to blows when they are broken up by Franklin.
      This tense moment is interrupted by Cassie Lang who has come to remind her father that her classmate Donald Halberg is coming to visit her at Four Freedoms Plaza. When Kristoff enters the room in his armor, Cassie is once again intimidated by his appearance. Having heard Cassie's plans for the day, Kristoff tells her to have fun with her "boyfriend", but Cassie corrects him by saying that Donald is merely a friend. While Scott is somewhat troubled by the feelings Kristoff and his daughter have for each other, he turns his attention back to the Richards clan who are still arguing over Hyperstorm. When Franklin suggest they all cool down, Reed agrees and exits the lab. Heading down the hallway he sees a flash of energy coming out of one of the other rooms and goes to investigate it. He is surprised to see Ben using the device that allows him to change back to human form at will. When Reed tries to get answers from Ben as to where the device comes from and how it works, be brushes Richards off, telling him that he has things to do. While back in his guest quarters, Kristoff rages over the fact that he is cursed to wear armor resembling Doctor Doom and live out his life as one of the Latverian monarchs failed experiments. With Doctor Doom having cheated death just like Reed Richards, Kristoff comes to believe that his entire purpose has been rendered useless and begins stripping off his armor.
      Elsewhere in the headquarters, Ben catches up with Lyja who is surprised to see him in human form with the scars no longer on his face. When he asks if she has plans for the afternoon she tells him that she does. When Ben tells her its not important Lyja morphs into a bird form and flies out the window. When Ben thinks how out of practice he is at trying to woo a woman he is suddenly struck by a massive headache and wonders if this is a side effect caused by the device that restores him to human form. Meanwhile down in the lobby, Cassie meets her friend Donald. She is surprised when Donald tells her that he needs the Fantastic Four's help with something, but won't tell her what it is. Kristoff walks in on this and tells him that the Fantastic Four are presently unavailable and Cassie introduces Kristoff to Donald. Elsewhere, Sue and Namor are in a training session. The Sub-Mariner is trying to get Sue to recognize the fact that her husband is no longer the man he used to be. Sue agrees but points out all of the various dangers that they have experienced over the years and how its a lot to process. Unaware that Reed himself is watching from the control booth, Namor goes on to say that Reed has lost his edge and then tries to make a move by kissing Sue, but she uses her powers to thrust him away. She reminds him that the position as man in her life has already been taken. Seeing this Reed is surprised that Namor still harbors feelings for his wife, but can't blame Namor since everyone thought he was dead. Reed then considers that perhaps after his experiences with Hyperstorm that Sue would be happier with Namor after all.
      At that moment elsewhere in the city, Lyja lands in a nearby alley way where she changes into the form of Laura Green, the identity she has taken in order to date and be closer to her ex-husband Johnny without his knowledge. While back at the Four Freedoms Plaza, Cassie and Kristoff are giving Donald a tour of the Fantastic Four's headquarters. When they come across a sealed room, Kristoff explains that he has no access to it. When presented with the possibility of getting into trouble, Donald suddenly panics and suggests they get out of there. While elsewhere a strange man garbed in a trenchcoat and a hat stumbles through the streets of New York City. When he accidentally bumps into a tough looking guy, he tries to pick a fight. However getting a closer look of the stumbling man causes the biker to pause. The mystery man then makes a run for it while he man calls him out for being a monster. Later, Kristoff watches as Cassie and Donald play a game of soccer. When she asks Kristoff to join in, he declines and thinks about his lost childhood. He recalls how he never knew who his father was, and after his mom was murdered he was taken in by Doctor Doom as a ward of the state. He recalls how his youth was stolen from him during a period Doctor Doom was believed to have died and his Doombots reprogrammed his mind with Doom's memories and personality so that he could be Doom's successor. His thoughts are interrupted when Donald takes a spill on the field and Cassie notices he is bleeding. When Donald brushes it off and tries to get up, his shirt pulls back enough for Cassie to see that he has bruises and scars all over his back. When Cassie tries to find out what's wrong, Donald angrily tells her he is fine and takes off, leaving both Cassie and Kristoff to consider what they had just seen.
      While back at the Four Freedoms Plaza, as the strange man makes
      his way to the Fantastic Four's headquarters, Reed is working hard in
      his lab on a means of defeating Hyperstorm. When Sue comes to ask him to
      come to lunch, Reed loses his temper as he feels there is no time. Sue
      tries to calm him down, explaining that he needs to slow down, she
      already lost him once and she couldn't bear to do so again. Suddenly
      they are called to the reception area by Roberta who is calling an
      emergency. Going there, Reed and Sue find the strange man has collapsed
      on the floor. Helping him up, Reed recognizes him as Gorgon of the
      Inhumans, who asks for the Fantastic Four's help, telling them that his
      leader Black Bolt has gone insane.
    • 411:
      Synopsis for "Black Bolt - - Berserk!"
      With his antenna smashed Black Bolt, ruler of the Inhumans, is going crazy. Thinking his family members are strange alien creatures trying to do him harm, Black Bolt flees across the Colorado wilderness. When Medusa, Ahura and Karnak catch up and try to subdue Black Bolt, he knocks them all out with a single blast. Shortly thereafter the Fantastic Four arrive aboard their ship the Stealth-Hawk, at a speed that Mister Fantastic finds amazing. Both Reed and Ben are interrupted by Sue who tells them that their guest has awoken. Going to the med-bay, Reed and Sue ask for more information on why Black Bolt is going insane. Gorgon explains that his king was injured during a recent battle which caused damage to the tuning fork on his brow. They have not been able to complete repairs and the damage is slowing driving Black Bolt insane. Reed realizes how serious this is, as if Black Bolt's sanity were to erode to a point where he forgets to keep his voice in check, he can cause untold damage. They quickly land the Stealth-Hawk near Hoover Dam and upon investigating the cave the Inhumans have been calling home, they find it in shambles. They all agree to split up in order to find Black Bolt faster. As the others depart, Gorgon makes mention of the dynamic changes to the team during Reed's absence and comments on how Reed must be proud. Reed is, but does little to hide his unease about the concept.
      The Human Torch flies over the area and his thought turn to Reed and Sue's relationship in light of recent trials. He hopes that Sue's ability to take command of the team won't sour their relationship. However Johnny is convinced that his sister and brother-in-law are destined to stay together and reflects on all of his own past relationships. Johnny's thoughts are cut off when he finds the unconscious bodies of Medusa, Karnak and Ahura. Elsewhere near the dam, Reed is able to locate Black Bolt and give him chase. When he tries to stop Bolt, he fights back, even the addition of Gorgon's hoof stomps, Black Bolt is still at the advantage despite his fractured mind.
      While back at the Four Freedoms Plaza, Nathaniel Richards and Lyja are making the painstaking effort of removing all the transmatter receptors that Nathaniel planted all over the Four Freedoms while he was in control of Latveria, lest the newly revived Doctor Doom take advantage of them himself. When Lyja begins to argue with Nathaniel over the secrets he's keeping from the rest of the Fantastic Four, he tells her to keep it down so as not to argue in front of Kristoff and Cassie. Once the adults are gone, Kristoff brings up their encounter with Cassie's classmate and his secret. Kristoff suggests they find him and confront him about the problem. This suggestion upsets Cassie who points out that Donald is scared enough as it is, she storms off commenting that for someone who is so brilliant, Kristoff is terrible at reading children.
      Back in Colorado the Fantastic Four and the Inhuman royal family continue to try and subdue Black Bolt but in vein. Bolt manages to fight off the Torch, Medusa, and Karnak. But when he runs afoul of Sue's invisible force field, it leaves him open to attack from behind by the Sub-Mariner. However, Bolt manages to send Namor sailing into the nearby dam with a single punch, causing a massive leak. Ben then steps in to pit his strength against Black Bolt as well. Ben manages to overpower Black Bolt, sending him to the ground with a punch. He revives as the others gather around him and still seeing those around him as strange creatures, Black Bolt screams. The resulting shout, sends everyone flying as well as severely compromising the structural integrity of Hoover Dam. With the dam about to burst, Sue holds it back with her invisible force powers and tells the others to get to the Stealth-Hawk. Although Namor protests and refuses to leave her side, his ability to fly is much needed in order to get everyone out in time. After Namor and the others get to safety, he flies back for Sue, telling Reed that he promises to bring her back safe, but not for Reed's sake, but his own. Down below, Sue begins to lose to the tremendous pressure, but the Sub-Mariner manages to swoop in and rescue her before the dam bursts and floods the area.
      At first everyone thinks they were both lost in the torrent of
      water but are relieved when Namor arrives with Sue safely in his arms.
      Later as the Stealth-Hawk flies back toward New York City, Reed is
      disturbed by the fact that Namor has not left his unconcious wife's side
      since they boarded the ship and wonders if this is devotion or
      something deeper and how it may impact his marriage to Sue.
    • 412:


      Synopsis for "Settling the Score With the Sub-Mariner!"

      Sue has collapsed after their mission to recover Black Bolt of the Inhumans, prompting the Fantastic Four to call her medical attention as soon as they arrive at their headquarters the Four Freedoms Plaza. When the doc arrives, Johnny explains to Lyja that Sue pushed herself too hard trying to keep back Hoover Dam with her powers after it was compromised in their battle. This prompts Reed to scold his father for pushing Sue to tap into hyperspace to boost her powers, warning him that they have no concept of the danger that come from the result of doing so. While elsewhere at the medical bay, Scott Lang is placing Black Bolt into a stasis-med chamber until Reed can work on fixing his damaged tuning fork. When Reed finally comes the Inhumans are anxious to get their leader back in the proper health, but they are interrupted by Namor who demands to know how Susan is doing. When Reed assures her that the doctor is looking after her needs, Namor storms out to be by her side. At that moment, Ben is walking through the halls thinking about how much he can't stop thinking of Lyja. He stumbles upon the woman trying to talk to her ex-husband, but Johnny has no time to talk as he has a car rally to attend and takes off. Ben then makes his presence known and tells her that he has a shoulder to cry on if she needs it. Lyja thanks him, but assures him that she'll be fine, but confides in him that its horrible to be in love with someone who doesn't even realize you're alive.

      At that moment, Namor comes in on Sue just as she is waking up and he confesses that he still loves her. When she reminds him that she is married to Reed, Namor tells her to leave him as he is weak and deserves better. Reed is passing by and overhears this and walks in on Namor trying to force Sue to leave with him. Reed then tells the Sub-Mariner to step away from his wife. When Namor balks at this command, Reed attacks him, sending Namor smashing outside of the Four Freedoms. Sue tries to tell Reed that Namor isn't thinking straight since losing his kingdom, but Reed jumps out the window. Sue tries to stop him but it is too late. She then collapses to the ground in tears after failing to tell her husband that she loves him, and only him. Down on the streets, Namor and Reed begin fighting it out over Sue. While back inside the building, Ben exposes himself to the machine that changes him back to human form. Once it's complete he hears the others crying for him to come and help. As Reed and Namor continue to fight, Ben checks on Scott and the Inhumans and learns that the stasis chamber is malfunctioning and unless Reed comes and helps, Black Bolt may die. Ben tells them to keep calm and goes out to look for Reed when he is suddenly struck by another headache. Back outside, Reed and Namor's fight take them into a department store where Reed realizes that he cannot keep this pace up against Namor and tries to retreat down into the subway, but the Sub-Mariner quickly follows him.
      Back at the Four Freedoms, Lyja finds Sue and tells her of the crisis with the Inhumans and learns where Reed is. The two women then head off to try and find Reed and Namor and get them to stop fighting before Black Bolt dies. They take a portion of the Fantasti-Car out to try and track them down. They spot the two men fighting it out at a construction site. The two women interrupt the fight and while Lyja subdues Namor, Sue rushes to her husband and tells him that she loves him and nobody else and that Namor is not a threat to their marriage. Seeing Sue's true feelings Namor becomes even more enraged than ever. Breaking free from Lyja's grip, Namor decides that if he cannot have Susan than nobody can and lunges at Reed. Mister Fantastic is able to dodge out of the way, and finally fed up of Namor's interference in his marriage pummels him into submission. With Namor down, Reed realizes how much of a fool he has been acting and when Sue informs him of the danger Black Bolt is in, he agrees to go back to base right away. After they are gone, Lyja tells Namor he can stop faking and get up. Lyja realizes what Namor did and thanks him for it. However before he flies away, the Sub-Mariner explains that he didn't necessarily do it for Reed, explaining that he is a patient man and his display today was something to keep him in Sue's mind, and that when he returns next it will be when the Fantastic Four least expects it.
    • 413:


      Synopsis for "Missions: Impossible!

      This story is continued from Doom 2099 #42...

      A future version of Doctor Doom from the year 2099 has come to the past in search of a means to save the people of Latveria from a deadly neurotoxin. Already he has attempted to warn his past self of the coming tragedy. Later he discovered that long term exposure to a venom in a specific breed of crab could ultimately make his people immune to the toxin, Doom harvested a massive amount even though exposing it to his people would make them highly addicted to the venom. However in attempting to process the toxin he was interrupted by the Thing and Daredevil, forcing Doom 2099 to inject himself with the toxin in the hopes of finding a means of synthetically reproducing it. Now Doom heads to the one place he know where he can accomplish his task: Four Freedoms Plaza.

      There, Susan Richards and her father-in-law check in on Reed as he still needs to help cure Black Bolt, deal with reporters now that the news of hus survival is public knowledge. Reed explains that he has been busy working on a dimensional probe. He has constructed it so that he can seek out either the Silver Surfer or Galactus as he suspects they will need either if they are to go up against Hyperstorm again. By sending the probe through the Crossroads of Infinity located within the Negative Zone he can locate either being and then use a gate through the crossroads in order to reach them in time. Nathaniel warns Reed that Hyperstorm is impossible to beat, but Reed refuses to accept that as a fact. Once again Sue can't help but think Nathaniel is hiding something he know about Hyperstorm.

      Meanwhile, the Thing is trying to get back to headquarters in a taxi but he finds himself stuck in traffic. With no time to waste, Ben leaves the cab and begins the long hike back so he can warn his teammates about the Doctor Doom "wannabe" that he encountered earlier in the day. While above the city the modern day Doctor Doom and Namor are seeking out Doom 2099 as well, Namor to avenge the pillaging from the ocean and Doom to get more information about the destruction of his people in the future. While back at Four Freedoms Plaza, Reed begins the delicate surgery to fix Black Bolt's antenna, with the assistance of his son Psi-Lord. After a grueling surgery, Reed exits the operating room and informs the Inhumans that Black Bolt is expected to recover from his injuries. Suddenly, the alarm attached to Reed's probe has informed him that he has made contact with either the Silver Surfer or Galactus. While down below, Doom 2099 has breached the lower levels of the Four Freedoms Plaza and gets past the primitive security systems in order to get access to the headquarters of the Fantastic Four. While upstairs, Reed puts on a suit to allow him to travel through the Negative Zone and deep space. Despite Nathaniel's warnings that the strength of either the Surfer or Galactus will not be enough to stop Hyperstorm, Reed presses on after kissing his wife and promising that he will make it back.

      Reed then passes through the Negative Zone portal and into the Crossroads of Infinity, from there he follows his probe through a portal that takes him deep into the universe where he crosses paths with the Silver Surfer. While back on Earth, Ben finally makes it back to headquarters. In a hurry, Ben has Roberta call Johnny to the front reception where he explains what is going on. Going to the comm room to search for Doom 2099, they discover that he is in their headquarters mining data from their computers. Having completed his task, Doom then downloads the data into his mask and is about to leave when he is suddenly attacked by the Thing and the Human Torch. Determined to protect his mask at all cost, Doom fights back and knocks the Thing into the Four Freedom's power grid, causing everything to shut down. Unaware that he is presently trapped in deep space, Reed learns from the Silver Surfer that Galactus was seemingly destroyed by his former herald known as Morgue who utilized the Ultimate Nullifier to seemingly destroy Galactus and his worldship. Needing to know exactly where this happened, the Surfer imparts the location where Galactus met his demise before departing for space. When Reed tries to recall himself back to the Four Freedoms, he finds that his controls are unresponsive. While back on Earth, Psi-Lord becomes aware of this and after activating his psi-armor he begins to manually pull his father back to Earth. Meanwhile, Doom 2099's battle with the Thing and Torch spills out into the hallway where they are joined by the Inhuman royal family.
      As Reed is being manually pulled back to his lab, Doom 2099 makes his escape out a nearby window only to be caught in a tractor beam fired by the modern day Doctor Doom's ship. He is taken aboard the
      vessel. As Namor congratulates Doom for capturing their mutual foe, Doom sets course and speeds back across over the ocean. While inside, Reed makes it back home and tells his father to cease complaining when Nathaniel nags on Reed for taking such a risk. Reed explains to the others that he has come up with a means of defeating Hyperstorm, unaware that the subject of his conversation is listening in and has a surprise for his foes. Suddenly, a Time-Platform appear over Franklin and quickly passes over him. Mere moments later the machine deposits a seemingly unchanged Franklin back. However when Franklin removes his helmet from his psi-armor, Reed, Sue and Nathaniel are shocked to find that it is not the teenager that they have come accustomed to seeing, but the young child that was taken from them by Nathaniel so many months ago.
    • 414:


      Synopsis for "Family Business!

      Franklin has been restored to a young child again much to the joy of his mother the Invisible Woman, who hugs her baby after getting him out of the psi-armor he arrived in. Seeing Nathaniel Richards smirking over the whole ordeal angers Ben who threatens to punch out Nathaniel for putting the Fantastic Four through an emotional roller coaster by replacing young Franklin with his teenaged self. Nathaniel tries to explain that Hyperstorm must have altered the past so that he never took the child into the future to help raise him. After Reed calms Ben down, he demands his father provide answers immediately. Nathaniel decides to finally come clean. He reminds them how when he first returned to the present he told them of a dark future where mutant hunting Sentinels ruled North America and wiped out most of Earth's mutants including Franklin when he was an adult. He then tells them that future is but one many possibilities. In yet another reality, Franklin survived and pursued a relationship with Rachel Summers. Their union produced a child, Jonathan, who grew up to become Hyperstorm. Nathaniel then explains that through his study of time he has learned in every reality the Fantastic Four and their companions all vanish from the dimensional plane, and has long suspected that Hyperstorm was responsible. This infuriates Reed because his father knew of this the whole time and said nothing. Reed chastises the old man for not trusting them, but is certain that his plan to employ the power of Galactus will help them win the coming battle. Nathaniel tries to explain his son the futility of it all, pointing out that he trained Franklin in the future and taught Sue how to access hyperspace to try and stop Hyperstorm but none of these things have succeeded in changing their fate. When Nathaniel asks how Reed's plan can be any different, he tells his father that as long as he doesn't speak his plan out loud, Hyperstorm will never know and can't plan against it. When Reed insists on going alone he gets a protests from the rest of the Fantastic Four who insist on coming along. Reed concedes, but before they head out Johnny wants to go and say goodbye to his new girlfriend Laura Green.

      With Kristoff off hanging out with Scott Lang's daughter Cassie while Scott is away, Ben goes to tell Lyja to tell Scott this. However he walks in on her just as she is answering a phone call from Johnny in her Laura Green identity. Caught red handed, Lyja explains her entire ruse, explaining she had no idea that her ex-husband would notice and become attracted to the woman she was pretending to be. In the hanger, Reed is preparing a ship to take them on their mission. When Sue comes to tell him that Franklin has been put down for a nap, he tells her that she needs to say behind and look after the boy. This angers Sue who tells Reed that her place is at his side battling Hyperstorm. Despite Reed's protests, Sue refuses to listen to any of his excuses. Shortly thereafter, Johnny is out on a walk with "Laura Green". Lyja struggles to tell Johnny the truth and when she finally speaks up, Johnny tells her it can wait until he comes back from his latest mission. However when he kisses Laura goodbye he is shocked by it and dismisses that there is anything wrong before flaming on and taking off. Back at the Four Freedoms Plaza, Reed leaves Franklin the care of Scott Lang, quietly telling him that in the event they don't return home that Franklin is to be enrolled in Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. As the Fantastic Four prepare to leave, Kristoff offers to come along, but Reed tells the youth that he is needed at the Four Freedoms. Soon the Fantastic Four and Nathaniel are aboard the ship which then drops into the Negative Zone. From there they head to the Cross-Roads of Infinity so they can jump across the positive universe to where Morgue seemingly slew Galactus not too long ago. When Nathaniel asks how they can use Galactus when he is dead, Reed points out that Galactus wasn't destroyed only nullified but cannot say anymore.

      Soon, the Fantastic Four are landed on an asteroid where he and Sue are setting up a machine that is integral to their plans. While they are working away Nathaniel continues to press on the futility of the situation. While they are waiting, Ben notices that Johnny has been quiet and asks what's wrong. Johnny explains that since he broke up with Lyja he has been looking for the right girl for his life, and thought that he found it in Laura Green, but thinks that he isn't so sure anymore. Even though telling Johnny the truth would give him a shot at Lyja for himself, Ben cannot bring himself to say anything, and suggests to Johnny that perhaps the right girl has been under his nose all along. Soon Reed is completed his machine and activates it, the readings from the device confirm his theory all along: When Morgue used the Ultimate Nullifier it may have erased the Worldship of Galactus from existence, but Galactus himself managed to escape to a parallel dimension. As Reed explains how he just needs to knock down the barrier between realities, his device is blasted by Hyperstorm who has now arrived on the scene to destroy his foes once and for all. Now that his identity has been revealed, Hyperstorm explains that he has come to get revenge for his family being hunted down by animals by taking over every reality in the multiverse and forcibly bring peace and balance to everything.
      This angers Nathaniel who attacks with his armors on board weapons, and right on cue the rest of the Fantastic Four begin battling it out with Hyperstorm, however their foe proves too powerful. Back on
      Earth, Franklin senses that his parents are in trouble but doesn't know what to do to help them. Suddenly a portal opens before him and a young boy emerges offering to show Franklin how to use his powers. When Franklin asks the new comer who he is, the other child introduces himself as Charlie and he has come to be Franklin's friend. Back in space, Hyperstorm has had enough and is charging up to kill his foes once and for all. While this is happening, Reed is finishing his repairs to his transdimensionalizer and succeeds in activating it. It causes the barriers between dimensions to break down revealing Galactus who is none too pleased to have been disturbed. Reed gives Hyperstorm one chance to surrender or face the consequences. Hyperstorm refuses to give up though, and soon his energy source attracts the attention of Galactus who has grown quite hungry while trapped in another dimension.
      Galactus then begins to feed upon the energies that Hyperstorm pulls from hyperspace. Reed then orders his teammates and father to retreat from the asteroid. As they leave, Hyperstorm resists against Galactus, but eventually the transdimensionalizer shuts down, trapping both behind the dimensional void, seemingly forever. With the threat of Hyperstorm now over, Nathaniel apologizes for ever doubting the Fantastic Four, whom he calls the world's greatest fighting team.